A Fool-Proof Guide to Nailing your Portfolio by Nikky Lyle

A Fool-Proof Guide to Nailing your Portfolio

Your Secret (Creative) Weapon

Are you ready to level-up your portfolio game? My guide will expose you to behind the scenes tips that go into making awesome portfolios. I’ve been crafting this advice for 8 years, learning from the Creative Directors themselves, so that you can instantly lift your portfolio and smash it today.

What You Get

  • The first steps
  • The fundamentals
  • Key things to keep in mind
  • Layout examples
  • Finishing touch and tips from the experts

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Connect the Dots and Tick the Box

Curate Your Craft

Position your work with 8 years of recruiter tips and tricks as well as a Creative Director’s perspective in mind.

Your Masterpiece

Get actionable advice from our beautiful and easy-to-understand Portfolio guide in an instant download!

Creative Boost

This guide will help you go the extra mile and inspire with a portfolio that sets you apart from the rest.