A Fool-Proof Guide to Crafting your CV

Created with 8 years of recruitment experience, my CV guide will help you cut through the noise and be in control of your career path. 

A Fool-Proof Guide to Nailing your Portfolio

Position your work with 8 years of recruiter tips and tricks as well as a Creative Director’s perspective in mind.

Compose Your Cover Letter

The aim of the game is so they don’t forget your name. And this always starts with the first impression, your opener.

Bootcamp Bundle

All the best things happen in 3’s and this bundle includes 1 + CV 1 + portfolio and 1+ Cover letter guide.

A Fool-Proof Guide To Day Rates & Salaries


I’m loving the CV guide. The step by step format and individual exercises make the process of creating a CV feel so much less daunting, and it’s great to have so many art & design-specific tips. On top of this, the guide is beautifully designed which makes it an absolute treat to read through.
This guide is very helpful and well thought out! The exercises were very engaging and prompted me to make some much needed changes to my CV. I have a new found confidence in my CV thanks to this guide!
The "fool-proof guide to nailing your CV'' is the best designed and easy to follow "how-to" creative CV that I have read. With lots of helpful insights and examples I am ready to put it to the test and re-create my CV. Then I will be armed and ready to send it out with more confidence.